Sustainable Dishwasher Detergent? Meet Biodegradable Polymer

Sustainable Dishwasher Detergent? Meet Biodegradable Polymer

June 30th, 2023

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By Chantal Bergeron

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Sustainable Dishwasher Detergent? Meet Biodegradable Polymer

Green home care products have become a major draw in today’s consumer market, and a worthy incentive for developing sustainable dishwasher detergents. 

The latest environmentally friendly ingredients are more cost-effective and powerful than ever, and consumers are taking notice. According to a study from Future Market Insights, “consumers are becoming aware of the effectiveness of green detergent for dishwashers. Taking cues from this trend, manufacturers are launching eco-friendly detergents to improve sales.” 

This push has green brands searching for responsible and biodegradable ingredients for their newest formulations. Proven performance is key, as a sustainable automatic dishwasher detergent must live up to the improved consumer expectation for green detergents.

Sustainable Detergents Must Rinse Clean

Spotting and filming on dishes after they dry is a major concern for all buyers. As research from Mintel has shown, the overall top attribute that consumers look for in an automatic dishwasher detergent or rinse aid is that it rinses clean:

Dishwasher detergent bar graph
Detergent Graph

A biodegradable polymer can offer a boost to the anti-filming and anti-spotting properties of your detergent without persisting and polluting groundwater.

What is a Biodegradable Polymer?

As dishes dry, droplets evaporate and can leave behind residues. Adding the right polymer to the detergent makes it possible to bind to minerals in the water and prevent them from depositing on the surface of glasses, dishes, and cutlery.

Mineral grains like calcium are common in hard water, which afflicts an overwhelming 85% of the US water. Biodegradable polymers can be an excellent addition to a green detergent, reducing residue deposition, spotting, and filming in all water conditions without sending persistent chemicals into wastewater.

Polyaspartate is a Replacement for Persistent Polymers

Many of the most commonly used polymers in autodish detergents are, unfortunately, persistent in the environment. Polyacrylate and other conventional polymers are non-biodegradable and contribute to the accumulation of unwanted chemical substances in our waterways.

Soltellus™ polymer is an attractive candidate to replace non-biodegradable chemicals in a green detergent. This water-soluble polymer is based on an essential amino acid and is biodegradable, dissolving harmlessly in wastewater. Polyaspartate is potent, and helps prevent spotting and filming. It also acts as a water softener, binding minerals from hard water and preventing them from depositing onto glasses and cutlery.

Polyaspartate products continue to grow in popularity as awareness of its strong anti-filming and anti-spotting performance spreads among manufacturers. Brands and manufacturers of automatic dishwasher detergents can purchase this multifunctional polymer as Soltellus™ from firm Lygos.

Soltellus™ is the High-Performance Polymer for Sustainable Dishwasher Detergents

Research has shown Soltellus™ performs comparably with conventional polymers while outperforming polyacrylate on spotting when used at the same concentration.

A dish performance in hard water bar graph
The lower the bar, the better
Left: Leading Conventional, Right: 2% Soltellus™️

Formulate Your Sustainable Dishwasher Detergent With Soltellus™

Soltellus™ is the high-performing, biodegradable polymer that enables makers of automatic dishwasher detergents to create sustainable products with superior performance. 

When you work with Lygos, you’re also gaining the support of our experienced application scientists. Our team is ready to provide you with the insights and guidance you need to optimize your formulation with best-in-class chemistry and application knowledge. 

Get in touch with the Lygos team today to learn more about Soltellus™ polymer and how it can enhance the traits of your sustainable dishwasher detergent by mitigating the minerals or other impurities that lead to unwanted films and spotty residues.

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