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Who We Are

We are the go-to partner for innovative, bio-inspired materials. By merging performance with sustainability, we’re creating a cleaner supply chain to help companies bring to market better products.

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What Sustainability means to Lygos

Sustainability Is Our DNA

Sustainability should be synonymous with exceptional performance. Just because a product is safer for the environment shouldn’t mean that it’s less effective.

Better. Cleaner. Cost Effective.

At Lygos, we believe in creating a world in-sync with nature. Through industry-leading science and innovation, we’re moving the bar forward with bio-inspired solutions that are both high-performing and cost effective.

Bio-inspired Solutions At Scale

To make a real, measurable impact on our global supply chain, we need new products and methods for delivering materials that are safer for us and for the environment. That’s why we’re combining industry-leading science with innovative partnerships to deliver bio-inspired solutions at scale.

Our Approach

We bring biology, chemistry and application expertise together to develop cost effective material solutions that improve performance and make sustainability a functional attribute, not just an ESG benefit. 

Replacing toxic processes or petrochemicals in the supply chain takes time and manufacturing at scale. Our pragmatic approach utilizes strategic partnerships to backward integrate bio-based solutions in a smart, capital efficient manner. The result: Effective, sustainable products with real value in the marketplace.

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Collaborate to Accelerate™

We work with best-in-class partners across the value chain to increase efficiency and speed, accelerating our time to market.

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Benefits of Working With Lygos

  • Highly competitive salary
  • Stock Options
  • Unlimited/Flexible PTO
  • 12 weeks paid parental leave
  • Medical benefits covered 100% for employees and 50% for dependents
  • Flexible work environment
  • Performance based bonuses - individual and company
  • Equitable hiring practices
Work With Lygos

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