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A bird's eye view of a water treatment plant with round water tanks and water being treated in rows

Water Treatment

Soltellus™ polymer is a high-performing, sustainable scale and corrosion inhibitor. Formulated using biodegradable and non-toxic materials, it minimizes harm to the environment without compromising performance.

Soltellus™ for Water Treatment

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How is Lygos Different

High-Performing & Sustainable

Our bio-inspired solutions are designed to replace persistent chemicals with products that are better, cleaner, and cost effective.

Collaborate to Accelerate™

Bringing sustainable materials to market is hard. Therefore, we work with best-in-class partners across the value chain to increase efficiency and speed, accelerating our time to market.

Application Expertise

We strive to create value for our customers in the end application. Therefore, we focus on delivering solutions that enhance performance, lower cost, and improve sustainability.

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