Maximizing Success: 2023 Crop Yield Enhancement and ROI Insights

Increase Crop Yields & ROI with Polyaspartate

March 27th, 2024

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By Sierra Cotton

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Maximizing Success: 2023 Crop Yield Enhancement and ROI Insights

Growers are increasingly turning to innovative, sustainable solutions in their search to enhance crop yields and ROI. The focus is on technologies that not only boost productivity but also align with environmental stewardship. Biodegradable polymers represent a promising advancement, marking a shift towards more efficient and sustainable farming practices. 

Polyaspartate: The Science Behind Yield Enhancement

At the heart of Soltellus™ Polymer is polyaspartate, a biodegradable polymer that enhances nutrient delivery systems in agriculture. Its ability to bind nutrients effectively in the soil ensures that plants receive the nourishment they need, when they need it. This optimal nutrient availability is key to enhancing plant growth and significantly contributes to increased crop yields.

The Impact of Soltellus on Crop Yields and ROI

In 2023, field trials were conducted a 5 sites around the Midwest (Fig. 1). Monoammonium phosphate (MAP) fertilizer coated with Soltellus at three rates and a control of uncoated MAP were applied to individual plots in the replicated trials. The mid-rate (0.5 gal/acre-also the recommended label rate) was pinpointed as the target to maximize nutrient efficiency and microbial health benefits.

2023 Soltellus Field Trial Map
Figure 1. 2023 Trial Sites with Soltellus™ Polymer

Soltellus delivered a respectable 6.2 bushels per acre increase in corn yields (Fig. 2). This yield boost surpassed the performance of three other experimental products, highlighting Soltellus as the superior solution for enhancing crop productivity. 

The financial implications of adopting Soltellus are equally compelling. The 2023 trials demonstrated an average return on investment (ROI) of 3.5 times across all sites. Such a significant return underscores Soltellus's economic viability and role in ensuring the financial sustainability of farming operations.

2023 Crop Yields for Soltellus Field Trials
Figure 2. Increase in corn yields with Soltellus and 3 experimental products averaged from 5 trial sites in the Midwest.

The Future of Farming with Soltellus

As growers continue to navigate increasing crop challenges while trying to minimize environmental impact, Soltellus stands out as a viable solution. Its proven ability to significantly enhance crop yields, coupled with its sustainability credentials, positions it as a key player in the future of farming. For farmers and agronomists looking to boost productivity, enhance sustainable practices, and improve profitability, Soltellus offers a scientifically backed, economically viable solution.

Reach out to our application specialists to learn more about Soltellus and how it can improve the performance of your fertilizers and crop yields.


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