Understanding the Phases of Evaluating a Skincare Emulsion

How to Assess Emulsions for Skincare

April 17th, 2024

2 minutes

Personal Care

By John Chase

Understanding the Phases of Evaluating a Skincare Emulsion

When it comes to skincare, how a product feels on your skin can be just as important as its ingredients. That's where sensorial evaluation comes in. It is a multi-step process that goes beyond simply checking for irritation; it's about understanding the complete sensory experience of an emulsion, such as a lotion or cream, on your skin.

So, the next time you try a new face or body cream or lotion, pay attention to these distinct phases of sensorial evaluation:

1. Initial Application of the Product:

Touch: Evaluate the texture of the lotion or cream as you scoop it out. Is it lightweight, creamy, or gel-like? Is it soft or does it form a peak when touched?

Spreadability: How easily does it glide across your skin? 

2. Absorption Dynamics:

Feel: How quickly does the lotion or cream absorb into your skin? Is it tacky or draggy? Does it leave a greasy residue, or a comfortable, hydrated feeling?

Weightlessness: Does the it feel heavy or light on your skin?

3. Post-application feel:

Touch: How does your skin feel after a few minutes? Is it soft and supple, or tight and dry?

Comfort: Does the emulsion feel comfortable throughout the day? Does it cause any tingling or irritation?

Finish: Does it leave a matte or dewy finish?

Pro Tip: When evaluating an emulsion, apply it to a clean, dry area of your inner forearm. This allows you to focus solely on the product's sensory experience without interference from other skincare products.

Remember, your sensorial experience is unique! Factors like your skin type and personal preferences can influence how an emulsion feels on you. Pay attention to your body's signals and choose products that make your skin feel healthy and happy.

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